To Create Better & Healthy Society

Company Profile

Exploring and utilizing the hidden treasure in Nature is a highly challenging task. Lack of understanding of nature's complex processes has prevented easy access to effective and safe natural products. Our team of scientists have unraveled these mysteries of nature by employing cutting edge technology, to give us remarkable products from nature's own laboratory.

Niranthara Scientific Solutions Private Limited (NSSPL) is an independent Research, Development and Consulting Organization in the field of Agricultural Sciences, Health Sector and Life Sciences. Niranthara Herbals is lead by team of scientists who have rich and diverse experience in providing novel and innovative solutions through scientific approach.

We are dedicated to the development, manufacture and marketing of environment friendly products that offer a cost effective and performance oriented natural solutions. We are involved in discovery and screening of medically important plants that can be used to produce high value plant based bioactive molecules.

Vision, Mission & Values


We aim to emerge as a multifaceted organization, committed to offer exceptional quality herbal products and services to create a better and healthy society.


One of our missions is to bring about highly innovative products by encouraging individual and collective endeavors. We intend to create a system and nurture it to reach a state of functioning, which would enable us to acquire a timeless growth and stability. In parallel, we also uphold the integrity, honesty and ethical standards in all our transactions.


Dedication towards customers to fulfill their needs by offering novel products is our primary goal. We believe in the spirit of teamwork and value the cooperative effort within our organization. Quality results are accomplished through our dedicated employees, who strive to meet the needs and expectations of the customers.

We are committed to honor, encourage and support every individual and team members who contribute through their behavior and actions to the success of the organization.